Go behind the scenes of “4 Of Us” with Clavish, Rimzee, Youngs Teflon & Tiny Boost

Rimzee has taken to his YouTube channel to give us some behind the scenes content.

Rimzee recently featured on Clavish’s single “4 Of Us” with Youngs Teflon and Tiny Boost and this behind the scenes footage takes us behind the scenes of the video for the big collab. As well as seeing how the video came together, we also briefly hear from each of the three featured artists.

“4 Of Us” is one of the standouts from Clavish’s newly-released mixtape, Rap Game Awful, which landed a spot in the top 5 of the UK Albums Chart in its debut week. As well as featuring Rimzee, Tefs and Boost, the tape also includes collabs with Fredo, MoStack and more.

Take in the video above to see what went on onset of the video shoot for “4 Of Us”.

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