Natty Addresses His Opps

It’s always exciting hearing someone’s projects, the first step in their career that gives listeners an impression of what they’re all about. Because first impressions really do count. And with “Natty” has made the right first impression.

The Kenyan-based, Producer/rapper had been sitting on projects, waiting until he felt it was the right time to release the projects. Natty promises an upcoming project with PM and Mando.

Natty has addresses his opps and says he is ready for WAR , Kwani iko nini ? Katambe.

Natty also shares his rate card , he charges 30K per feature, with chances of the rate card going up.

Natty isn’t about fake flexing and pretending to live the high life. He’s about putting his reality into music and you can feel that authenticity on this stellar debut single.

Keep an eye on Natty, he’s coming for the game in 2021.

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