Silencer, P Money & Novelist hit back with heavy joint “Tell Me I’m Lying”

Grime sovereigns Silencer, P Money, and Novelist have joined arms to release a heavy-hitting showcase of technical music production and lyrical prowess.

“Tell Me I’m Lying” is the highly anticipated collaboration that sees P Money and Novelist exchange bars over an expertly crafted beat from Teddy Music himself!

The murky beat, equipped with Silencers trademark tag, explodes into an infectious hook from P Money before fading into a slick verse laden with P’s iconic flow. Novelist wastes no time in bursting onto the back-beat with a steady flow and solid structure of cold bars. It’s safe to say that both spitters mean business, effortlessly matching the deep tempo of the production.

Take in “Tell Me I’m Lying” up top on GRM Daily now!

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