THC has been Dropped by his Record Label GTA

Natty has confirmed that the label dropped THC . Natty Claims THC ni “Dwanzi” , Citing that he taught him how to rap and how to dress too . Apparently THC and Natty meet when Natty was going to buy weed from his regular peddy , Mali ya Peddy ilikuwa imeland , So a friend suggested wachukue kwa morio wao , apo ndio ali meet THC , THC aka tupa mistari kathaa and Natty Invited him to the studio the next day. Natty Claims he helped THC write and produce “Curfew” & “GOAT” , THC only contributed to a few parts of the song. Natty also claims to have supported THC by giving him Money and Buying him Shoes “Airforce 1” even though they were FAKE.

Natty claims THC also has poor hygiene , and that he had no sense of fashion. Natty also dissed Plug wa Pedi Wako , an ex affiliate member of GTA , Natty claimed Plug wa Pedi Wako girlfriend was passed around among his crew , Thus loosing respect from his Peers.

Are this claims TRUE ? THC & Plug wa Pedi Wako clear the air kama ume soma hii post. The fans wanna know both sides of the story.

Natty opened his YouTube Account titled Rong Rambo , where he posted a diss song titled ” NATTY X UNNO – BITCHBOX(Official Vertical video)

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