Virusi Mbaya and Sinkid Dasinki SHARES THE VIDEO FOR THEIR NEW SINGLE “Tanga Tanga”

For quite some time, Peter Waweru has gone by the stage name Virusi Mbaya. He grew up in Kibera, Kenya’s most populous slum and a hotbed of the country’s crisis. Because of this, one might conclude that Virusi has seen everything. The good news is that he is one of the rappers who has turned personal experiences into scenarios worthy of public discussion.

The virus originated in Kibera, one of the world’s most notorious slums. He is a multi-talented musician who composes, performs, and records music. He began performing hip-hop music in 2009.

Mistake, Octopizzo, Slumdawg, Mc left arm, Magical Chucho, and Rajo rizzler have all worked with him, as well as artists from other groups like Moroko, Kayvo Kforce, Blakablaka, Point Blank, Jemedari, and Jua Cali.

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