Wakadinali ft. All Stars RELEASES NEW VISUALS FOR THE MUSIC VIDEO “Avoid Those People.”

Scar Mkadinali and Domani Munga are the key members of the group, which has been around for about five years.

Rong Rende, on the other hand, is a bigger group associated with the duo that comprises, among other things, producers, directors, rappers, and visual artists.

For example, Slim Visuals is responsible for the majority of their videos, whereas Alex Vice is responsible for many of Wakadinali’s hits. Dyana Cods, a female rapper, is also associated with Rong Rende.

Scar and Domani are both from Nairobi’s Eastlands’ Umoja estate.

Both rappers fell in love with the art form in high school and founded the group with others, but only Scar and Domani remained the course while others left to pursue other interests.

After school, they continued to hone their skill by going into the studio and performing at numerous underground hip-hop events, which helped them gain a significant audience.

Wakadinali revealed in 2020, prior of the release of their Victims of Madness album, that it would be their first pure drill album.

Their new drill style was dubbed Nairobi Drill (Naidrill) or Rong Drill.

Drill is a hip-hop subgenre that has exploded in popularity over the last decade.

It was evident what to expect in terms of Nairobi drill with songs like Morio Anzenza and Extra Pressure.

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