Watch ShaSimone ‘Raise the Bars’ & ‘Spill the Wray’ with Henrie

boohooMAN are back with two brand-spanking new bits of content. Appearing on this week’s episodes of Raise the Bars and Spill the Wray is the one and only ShaSimone! 

Taking some time out of her insanely busy schedule to chill with series host Henrie, Sha not only gets involved with some excitingly daring forfeits but also gives Henrie a run for her money as they challenge each other in a word association rap battle. 

In a close call, the two ladies both gave a good game before the winner was ultimately decided at the end of the episode. 

Over on Spill The Wray, ShaSimone shares some of her favourite songs as she presents her playlist of tracks to get ready to, to celebrate her wins and more. 

Watch ShaSimone’s Raise the Bars episode above and when you’re done, watch her episode of Spill the Wray below.

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