Who really started the Drill Wave in KE? Lets start the conversation and stop the cap 💯 !!

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The debate of who really started the Drill wave in KE is a very controversial conversation reason been that many drill artists claim to have started the Drill wave in KE. We as Drill KE have decided to dig deeper and find the truth to who really started the drill wave in KE. Stay Tuned !!!

So we asked them to provide evidence to ascertain their claim , Here are the evidence.


Ajay Claims he produced his first drill song in 2019 and has screenshots to prove it.

See Below

You be the judge, We brought you the evidence.

2. Rongrambo ( GTA )

In a Live IG Session with Rong rambo he revealed that he recorded 4Flow in 2019 but released it in 2020.

Rongrambo is believed by many to have started the drill wave in KE and actually execute it with Finesse

3.Jodye Faneto

Jodye claims to have recorded his drill track in 2019 and released it in 2020 . Below is a screenshot of the track. You be the Judge !!!

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